About the Wandering Baboon

“Movement is not graceful but has purpose.”

A friend read this to me from an Astrological book based on the specific date of my birth.  I find it to be hilariously fitting.  My graceful shortcomings are known well by all those close to me who have witnessed my general propensity for social and locomotive awkwardness.  Okay, it’s possible that these deficiencies exist on a grander scale in my own mind but anyone who’s had the pleasure of walking alongside me can attest to my inability to walk in a straight line.  My lack of grace does not, however, prevent me from marching on.  Over the years my driving purpose has led me to pursue a variety of seemingly disjointed passions in a diversity of locations around the world.  Most recently I’ve returned to my Golden State after a year and a half of chasing monkeys around a tropical dry forest of Costa Rica, putting my Biology degree to use recording the drama and minutiae of some of our very clever (and frustratingly agile) cousins.   Now I’m preparing to embark on my next adventure: yoga in India.

“What the hell does yoga have to do with monkeys?” you ask.

Umm…. Me.

In a few more years you may be asking me: “Maria, how does sailing around the world relate to X, Y or Z?”

And my answer will be the same; they are connected simply by virtue of my interest in them.

This blog will serve as an opportunity for my friends and family to keep tabs on me as I carom around the world following my passions, seeking new perspectives, inspiration… in pursuit of a full, meaningful life.


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